Ucluelet Rock Cops for Cancer Tour runner Rachelle Cole riding high

Rachelle Cole tosses a barrel during the 2022 Ukee Days Keg Toss competition. (Photo by Nora O’Malley)
Tofino Resort + Marina staff Kyle Hans, left, Alexandra Vasilou, Marie Maisonneuve, Ravi Reddy and Kendra Stoner say 'cheese' in front of the throne of hope.  (Photo by Nora O'Malley)Tofino Resort + Marina staff Kyle Hans, left, Alexandra Vasilou, Marie Maisonneuve, Ravi Reddy and Kendra Stoner say ‘cheese’ in front of the throne of hope. (Photo by Nora O’Malley)

Rachelle Cole can’t stop. She won’t stop. Someone is calling 9-1-1 because this Rock Rider Cops for Cancer Tour is on fire.

Cole, chief of the ambulance unit in Ucluelet, British Columbia, is currently the top fundraiser in the 25th annual Tour de Rock peloton of 21 runners by landslide, raising more than $34,000 since the start of his campaign in May.

“If it weren’t for the generosity of hard working West Coasters, friends, family and the BCEHS, if it wasn’t for all of these people, there would be no fun collecting funds,” said Cole, who also serves on the Ucluelet board.

The fun Cole is referring to has everything to do with a flowery plush toilet or “Throne of Hope” as she likes to call it.

“I started circulating the toilets on June 22, my 50th birthday. It made 68 stops at Ukee in 50 days and raised $10,000,” she told Westerly News. “One day it moved 11 times. It exploded! The faster it moves to the next location, the more funds can be raised for Camp Goodtimes.”

When the toilet is dropped off at a door, owners have the option of “flushing out the cancer” by donating $10 to take it away, $20 to take it away and send it to a friend, $50 to rid of the toilet, gifting it to a friend and making sure it never comes back, or for $100 it’s taken away, they gift it, they get an assurance that it’s never coming back and they can keep the flowers.

On August 11 and the 50th day of his Ucluelet tour, Ukee Petro Can threw in $500 to get rid of the can and had it sent north to his friends at Long Beach Auto in Tofino. Cole says restrooms will be circulating in Tofino businesses until Tour de Rock riders arrive in Ucluelet on Oct. 1 and Tofino on Oct. 2.

“I don’t have a prediction for Tofino. Who knows how much they will give? »

She says the West Coast is known for its generosity to Cops for Cancer. Former runners Marcel Midlane raised a whopping $60,000 in 2017 and Gaylene Thorogood, the inventor of the creative toilet game, raised $45,000 in 2016.

“I don’t think the toilet game would work in a big city. It’s easy and fun because it’s a small town. I’m glad Rachelle has taken off,” said Thorogood, who is the administrative supervisor for RCMP support services in North Cowichan/Duncan.

Thorogood went on to wish all runners good luck.

“It’s going to be hard, but it’s worth it. We do what we can for the kids who can’t. For all who help, thank you. It’s a huge effort to send these kids to camp,” she said.

Cole has a few other fundraising initiatives on the horizon, including an Art Night on August 27 at 7 p.m. in the main lobby of the Ucluelet Community Center. Tickets are $50 per person and include an exclusive Pacific Rim Distillery cocktail and West Coast-inspired snacks. To reserve a spot, text 250-726-5072.

All money raised from the tour goes towards pediatric cancer research and sending children with cancer to Camp Goodtimes. In British Columbia, Camp Goodtimes has two locations for children aged 7 to 18 with cancer: Camp Pringle in Shawnigan Lake and Loon Lake in Maple Ridge. It costs approximately $1,500 per child to attend camp.

“Kids with cancer are about as gross as it gets,” Cole says.

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