Twitter user shares the story of a Bangalore Rapido runner who is also a renowned filmmaker

Vignesh couldn’t find a job due to the COVID-19 pandemic

A Twitter A user from Bengaluru recently shared a thread on the social media platform about a conversation he had with a Rapido driver who came to pick him up. The Rider, Vignesh Nagabusanam is also an acclaimed short filmmaker and videographer. The Twitter user Parag Jain wrote: “Had a mixed move @Peakbengaluru. Rider Rapido picked up at WeWork. During the drive, he asked me ‘Which floor do you work on?’ After giving him an introduction and asking him if he’d been to WeWork, he replied, “Sir, two years ago I worked in the same building” (sic).” The post so far counts nearly 3,000 likes and 530 retweets.

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The Tweets further revealed that Vignesh worked for a Chinese construction company that shut down after India banned several Chinese apps in March 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he did not could find a new job. He decided to pursue his movie dream and made a mini-series. The series went on to critical acclaim, winning nearly 15 film festivals. The project also attracted interest from some OTT platforms but Vignesh had to reject bids due to financial constraints.

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After 2 years of struggle and financial instability, Vignesh started riding Rapido part-time. Parag added that the filmmaker didn’t tell his mother about his work because he didn’t want her to worry. He also shared Vignesh’s business card and urged Twitter users to connect with him if they have videography projects.

Many Twitter users reacted to the thread of tweets. One user wrote: “@rapidobikeapp, thank you for acknowledging these talents. At least do some useful promotions from him (sic). Another user wrote, “I think his story is also worthy of a short film (sic). ”

Earnest L. Veasey