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Gasoline prices may have peaked, but they are still really high. While it’s not possible for everyone to go without a car, many people choose to leave their gas-guzzling cars at home and use e-bikes instead. More like a traditional bicycle than a motorcycle, e-bikes feature a battery that recharges as you pedal or recharges ahead of time, providing extra power to use when you need it.

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Cult favorite e-bike: Rad Rover 6 Plus, $1,999

The Harley-Davidson electric bike brand: Series 1 Rush/Cty, $4,999

Our favorite high-end electric bike: Alchemy e-Ronin, $10,999

Unlike motorcycles, which do all the work for you, e-bikes include a small pedal-powered, rechargeable battery-powered motor that you can charge before you ride. There are three types: Class 1, limited to a maximum speed of 20mph with an electric motor that only works when the rider is pedaling, Class 2, also a maximum speed of 20mph but with shifters that work even when the rider is pedaling non-pedal pedaling and class 3, optional e-bike throttle that can go up to 28 miles per hour.

You ride an e-bike like a normal bike. You simply activate the pedal assist when you need extra help.

Keep in mind: you might not want to pinch pennies on these motorized transport gadgets because you get what you pay for. Electric bikes range in price from under $1,000 to over $10,000. Cheaper bikes tend to be mass-produced using cheaper materials, while those on the higher end of the spectrum are custom-built using high-quality materials and technology. peak. They also offer better battery life and often weigh less than cheaper models. Cheaper bikes tend to have fewer features and less battery life, torque, and overall horsepower, compared to higher-end models.

Whether you’re commuting to work in the city or the suburbs or just want a fun recreational vehicle, you should consider buying an electric bike. CBS Essentials has rounded up some of the best e-bikes on the market for a variety of riders.

(Looking for other ways to save gas? You can get a $45 gift card when you join Sam’s Club, which is essentially getting a year’s worth of discounted gas for free. You may also want to consider replace your petrol mower with an electric mower and garden tools.)

RadRover 6 Plus and RadRover 6 Plus walkthrough


Rad Rover

Rad Power Bikes, a Seattle-based brand specializing in e-bikes since 2007, has attracted a large following over the past decade and a half, including celebrities like Justin Bieber, Robert Downey Jr. and Prince Harry. This latest incarnation of the flagship Class 2 fat tire model, the RadRover 6 Plus series, offers serious value for the everyday rider. Features include a custom geared hub motor, high-performance hydraulic disc brakes for stopping power, and a semi-integrated battery that easily slides in and out for charging. It also has auto-activating headlights, an easy-to-use digital interface, five-level pedal assist, and offers 25-45 miles per charge. Available as traditional and stepper frames in one size.

Rad Rover 6 Plus, $1,999

RadRover 6 Plus step-by-step, $1,999

Leaflets M880 and L885


radio flyer

Radio Flyer (yes, the same brand famous for making those red wagons) recently unveiled two e-bikes, the Flyer M880, a chunky midtail version, and the Flyer L885, a longtail option better suited to carrying kids and merchandise. Both Class 2 options offer five levels of pedal assist with a throttle-only option, a 500-watt motor, and up to 50 miles of ride time. The midtail can accommodate an additional passenger and up to 300 pounds, while the longtail, with room for a total of three passengers, holds 400.

Another great advantage of these family bikes? An abundance of optional accessories, including rear and front baskets, racks and child carriers, extended range batteries and even a Thule child bike seat designed specifically for use with Flyer e-bikes . Choose from different colors (red, white and blue) and sizes (small, medium and large). Once ordered, bikes are shipped within two days.

Flyer M880, $1,799

Flyer L885, $1,999

Series 1 Rush/Cty



The next best thing to jumping on a pig? Ride a Serial 1e electric bike, a brand new to market powered by Harley-Davidson. A great Class 1 option, the sleek Rush/Cty offers a top speed of up to 20mph and a fully rechargeable lithium-ion battery in less than three hours (both on the bike itself or via a easy removal with 25-115 miles driving time per charge). For those looking for extra speed, they also make the Class 3 Rush/Cty Speed, which goes up to 28 mph.

Although the price may seem steep, the brand works with Affirm offering financing as low as 0% APR for up to 36 months, which averages out to around $139 per month.

Series 1 Rush/Cty, $4,999

Shop All Serial 1 Electric Bikes

Aventon Level Commuter Electric Bike



One of the most popular commuter e-bikes on the market, the Aventon Level offers excellent value for money. With a top speed of 28 mph, a removable battery that charges in five hours and provides 40 miles of range, an easy-to-read backlit LCD display, five levels of pedal assist, and plenty of included accessories (like a rack (luggage and mudguards pre-installed), this e-bike is perfect for city dwellers or commuters who ride mostly on paved roads. Available in a few colors and sizes in step and step styles.

Aventon Level Commuter Electric Bike, $1,799

Alchemy e-Ronin



Alchemy’s first electric gravel bike, the eRonin, might be a major splurge, but consider it the Rolls Royce of e-bikes. Specifically designed for gravel riding, the lightweight carbon gravel e-bike weighs less than 30 pounds, significantly less than most other e-bikes. Each bike is custom-built in Colorado, with a months order-to-delivery lead time. The brand also works with you to design the perfect bike, from color and size to engine type.

Alchemy e-Ronin, $10,999

Leon Cycle F1000 Folding Electric Bike


Cycle Leon

Another great option for city commuters is the Leon Cycle F1000. Built with big tires tough enough for sand, asphalt, dirt or snow and powered by a 500W continuous Das-Kit motor, the all-terrain bike easily folds up for easy storage and transportation. Other great features include an easily removable battery with up to 125 miles of charge, a USB port for charging gadgets, and an included front rack for storage.

Leon Cycle F1000 Folding Electric Bike, $1999

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