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By Hannah Newman

The summer of 2022 has been filled with opportunities for Broncs to study abroad, expand their education and understanding of the world. This summer, trips to England, Croatia and Sweden have been offered to students, with each country offering several programs for a variety of majors to explore their interests under the guidance of experts in designated fields.


The Norm Brodsky College of Business has selected 20 students to join the seven-day Moonshots and Moneymakers Conference with the Birthing of Giants Entrepreneur Delegation, designed to highlight different aspects of entrepreneurship, in Oxford, England.

Michael Langeveld, Senior Finance Major, explained what the conference offers business students.

“At the Moonshots and Moneymakers conference held at the University of Oxford, myself and other Rider students learned about entrepreneurship through lectures and lectures, analysis of shadowing with industry leaders and hands-on entrepreneurship workshops and seminars We were able to network and converse with highly accomplished CEOs and business leaders from a wide range of industries said Langeveld.

The students stayed on a university campus in Oxford where they interacted with staff and exchanged different perceptions of business strategies relating to generational differences.

“Not only were we able to live and learn at St. Edmund Hall, but we learned more about entrepreneurship in a week than we could in a semester or even a year. Having experienced the triumphs and challenges of being an entrepreneur, they all had incredible advice and ideas for students. Some have also sought our advice as a younger generation for their businesses,” said Mollie Brislin, Business Administration Junior.

Norm Brodsky, 64, gave two students full scholarships for the trip and gave the others half scholarships to attend. Brodsky, the college of commerce’s namesake, joined the students on the trip and stayed with them in the college dorms.

“It was one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever been on,” Brodsky said. “We brought over 50 entrepreneurs, and the students really connected with those people. Two students have already secured employment so far, and I’m sure there will be a number more.

Overall, many students feel that the experience has contributed to the development of their future career in the business world, which for some is only a few months away.

“Oxford was truly an incredible experience, from the beautiful historic scenery to everyone in attendance,” said Blake Oramas, Chief Marketing Officer. “Everyone wanted to learn, improve and connect with others, especially their students.”


Students whose studies focus on education had the opportunity to see Croatia’s school curriculum first-hand. The trip was intended to strengthen teaching methods for education in America.

Students explored two different cities and four different schools – two professional and two private.

In each school, students were given a tour of the building and had time to talk with principals and teachers. They also had the opportunity to interact with Croatian students in their classrooms, to ask them questions and to play with them during their breaks.

Jayme Schneider, Major of Upper Primary Education, was inspired by Croatian educational experiences she saw.

“I will remember this experience for the rest of my life. This had a huge impact on my learning experience. Experiencing something so different made me see education systems very differently. The experience of education systems outside of the United States has encouraged me to try new teaching methods and to incorporate what I learned abroad into my own lessons in the future,” said Schneider. .

The students on the trip saw the diversity of education systems and learning environments that brought forth a new understanding of how to be an effective educator.

“I loved everything about this trip, but my favorite thing was really being able to go to schools in Croatia and compare our education systems to theirs,” said higher education major Carly Solomon. “I learned so much from their schools and I can’t wait to apply that to my own class one day. I would definitely recommend this experience to others in my major.”


The program in Sweden was offered at the Baccalaureate Honors Program (BHP) and guided by a developmental psychologist and a play therapist with the aim of introducing students to the different differences in play.

The students were taken to various locations in Stockholm where they observed the children’s play elements. Viewing sites included attractions such as museums, playgrounds, zoos and amusement parks.

Danielle Spalding, Major of Upper Primary, expressed her appreciation for the experience and its contribution to building a better education.

“I had an amazing time on the trip because as a double major in Elementary Education and Psychology, I felt like the focus of the trip matched my interests. There was a good balance between the planned activities and free time, and I felt like it allowed me to grow as an early childhood educator,” Spalding said.

Elementary education major Melissa Juarez recaps her study abroad trip with encouragement after her trip to Croatia.

“I would definitely recommend this experience to others as it was a great eye opener and an amazing overall experience to make new friendships and learn about a new country,” Juarez said.

Rider News editor Tristan Leach is a member of BHP and was on a study abroad trip to Sweden this summer. Leach had no involvement in writing or editing this story.

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