Student Government Announces Executive Council Election Results – The Rider News

By Sarah Siock

After five days of voting and a three-candidate presidential race, the Rider’s Student Government Association (SGA) announced the results of its executive council election on April 7. Next year’s SGA will be led by young political science student Andrew Bernstein as student body president.

Bernstein has focused his presidential campaign on student-centric concerns such as mental health, diversity and inclusion, the Westminster Choir College transition, and Greek life.

Bernstein has a history involved with SGA as a senator, chair of the academic affairs committee, and most recently vice president of academic affairs.

In a message to students, faculty and staff, Bernstein thanked his predecessor Elizabeth O’Hara and applauded the entire SGA for their work over the past year.

“Looking back on the past school year, I am extremely proud of the work the Student Government Association has done to advocate on behalf of students. Our organization, led by Liz O’Hara, has continually raised the voice of female students, whether by expanding access to free feminine hygiene products, installing lockers in the suburban lounge, or creating the series ” Your questions answered”. to increase communication,” Bernstein said. “As I transition into the role of student body president, I am beyond grateful for the trust of the Rider student body. I look forward to continuing the example of tireless and committed leadership that Liz has shown.

In a statement to The Rider News, O’Hara spoke about her term as president.

“I am extremely fortunate to lead SGA alongside six incredible people. The SGA Board of Directors does not always get the credit it deserves for the time and energy it devotes to serving the student body Our roles require us to think deeply and maturely about university-wide decisions and how they will contribute to the longevity and health of our institution, which is not always easy,” said O’Hara, a computer science major. “We’ve been pulled in many different directions this year, but we’ve stood firm in standing up for students, our opinions not being swayed by those who seek to undermine the sense of community. which we value at Rider. I am proud of the student engagement at all levels of our organization this year and even prouder of all that we have been able to accomplish together.

O’Hara added that she couldn’t think of anyone more qualified or ready to take on her role than Bernstein.

“[Bernstein] has proven to be an action-oriented leader in our organization, spearheading a variety of initiatives that positively impact the physical spaces on campus, the well-being of our student population, and the quality of an Education Rider. He’s joined by a dynamic team of leaders who will take whatever comes his way head-on, and I can’t wait to see how they leave Rider better than they found him,” O’Hara said.

Bernstein will lead the student body with new SGA executive vice president Riley Mozes, a young health sciences student. Other board members for the 2022-23 school year will be Noah Bernstein, Business Data Analytics Junior, as Vice President for Administration and Finance, Kayla Wagner, Marketing Junior, as vice president of communications, Naa’san Carr, a second-year political science student, as vice president. chair for class relations, Maria Castillo, a second-year political science major, as vice president of academic affairs, and Joe Tufo, a sophomore business economics major, as vice-president of student affairs .

Throughout his campaign, Andrew Bernstein spoke about several initiatives he hoped to implement if elected, including increasing cross-cultural skills in Rider’s classes and advocating for collective housing for the nine fraternities and divine sisterhoods. Looking to the future, Andrew Bernstein said he aimed to take a collective approach by listening to all voices.

“Our path ahead is never easy, but [SGA] will continue to put student needs and goals first, working collaboratively with all university stakeholders to enrich the student experience at Rider. Through my experience at the SGA, our greatest accomplishments have always come from the willingness of students, faculty, staff and administration to work together to solve complex problems,” said Andrew Bernstein. “And really, that’s what makes Rider so special: the ability for all stakeholders to listen, understand and work with those who share this collective university. So, as we look forward to a new academic year, I’m so excited for all the great things our student government will accomplish.

Earnest L. Veasey