Skateboard GB: Interview with team rider Joe Hinson

One of the UK’s most prolific street skaters, an undisputed icon of British skating, Joe Hinson is a renowned master of the rails.

A mainstay of the UK competitive scene, having finished first at the Skateboard GB National Championships twice, in 2019 and 2022, Hinson is one of Team Skateboard GB’s most experienced riders. Completely dedicated to the sport from a young age, his skills and abilities have caught the attention of some of the biggest skateboard brands in the world. His current sponsors include Lakai, Vitor and legendary board company Darkstar Skateboards.

We conveniently caught up with the reigning British National Champion taking some time to conquer sets of stairs and ramps. Discussing his involvement in the sport and why you’ll rarely find him skating, read his full interview below to find out more about the esteemed racer…

Tell us about how your skateboarding journey started; When did you have your first skateboard, what was the first trick you did that pushed you to get into this sport?

“A friend of the family skates down the street in the village where I grew up. I tried and was hooked from then on. I bought my first board at 11 in a skate shop in Cambridge called Billy’s Skateshop (my first shop sponsor). Sadly it’s closed now, but it was a cheap complete ‘Voltage’.”

“As far as the first turn, other than learning how to ollie, it was a Pop Shove It. I can’t really do them anymore. I almost always over-spin from too many Tre Flips.”

There would now be more than 85 million skateboarders in the world. What about this subculture that speaks to so many people? What makes it so different from other extreme sports?

“It’s the whole culture around skateboarding. It’s really my life. I don’t know better. I played football as a kid but never really got into it. Skateboarding stood out for me and always has, not to mention all the amazing people I’ve met through it. I don’t have any friends who don’t skate.”

A tough question – who do you personally consider to be the GOAT of the skateboarding world and why? You can only choose one.

“The GOAT for me has to be Jamie Thomas, just because of the way he pushed handrail skating. He was and still is a big influence on me. Sorry to break the rules, but we can’t not to mention Jamie Foy who is now taking rail skating to that next level. Seriously, go check out his “Sunshine State” part on Thrasher.

With regards to the second Virtual Skateboard GB Championships, taking place this month, how important are competitions like these to grassroots skating?

“I guess it’s only a good thing. It’s a chance for everyone to show what they can do, no matter where they live or their financial situation. It gives them the opportunity to shine. .”

“There’s more and more of a career path in skateboarding with bigger sponsorship deals, bigger platforms and more competition that the general public will see. More and more skateparks are being built because it’s gaining momentum. popularity, that can only be a good thing. Not to mention more opportunities to make a living from it.”

Transition skating or going out on the street – Which do you prefer and why?

“I don’t know how to transition skate very well. It’s fun but you won’t find me doing a bowl session, especially not in front of a bunch of bowl skaters, they’ll all be laughing! That said, I Still love mini-ramp and watching transitional skating, but I definitely prefer getting out on the streets and jumping on rails.”

Image credit: CJ photography

Looking ahead, where do you see yourself competing in the years to come? What are your ambitions? And what aspirations do you have for the sport in the future?

“Moving forward, I just want to keep skating and filming video games, traveling and competing. Learning to skate in new places is one of the best things about skateboarding, so I’m really looking forward to doing more!”

We know that watching skate videos is a popular pastime for skaters, so to that end, what’s your favorite skate video soundtrack?

“It’s tough… Stay Gold is probably my favorite skate video of all time, not just for the skate, but also for the music, the filming and the way it’s edited. It’s so crazy .”

Last question – You’re about to go on a skate trip and you need a sweet playlist to accompany you on your travels. What are the five leads that always make the cut:

“Hard to pinpoint five songs in particular, but I’d say my top five artists would be Black Sabbath, Metallica, Sex Pistols, Wu-Tang and Jimmy Hendrix.”

Registration for this year’s Virtual Skateboard GB Championships is now closed and the finalists have been announced.

To find out more about the championships and our sponsorship of this year’s virtual event, click or tap – here.

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Earnest L. Veasey