SGA gives students advice on navigating college – The Rider News

By Jay Roberson

Navigating through college can be stressful to deal with on your own. Many Rider students have to manage finances, school work, internships, jobs and more. Fortunately, the Student Government Association (SGA) intends to make this navigation easier for students by launching something called One-Pager Wednesdays.

SGA publishes these weekly publications that provide students with information and advice on frequently asked questions about being a student at Rider. The idea was implemented by Kayla Wagner, digital marketing major and vice president of communications, and her communications team to further support Rider students.

“The overall goal of One-Page Wednesdays was to provide students with information on frequently asked questions that was creative and engaging,” Wagner said.

All Wednesday page posts can be found on SGA’s social media channels. They did this in order to make helpful tips more readily available to students.

Andrew Bernstein, SGA Chairman and Senior Political Scientist, said: “I think one of the great things about this system, apart from being simple and easy to get into, because it’s under the social networks is that these are things that students encounter every day.” Since it’s so easy to access and view, SGA hopes students will find these sources helpful in navigating Rider’s life.

The one-page first Wednesday included details on how to submit a work order. Madison Boyd, Public Relations Specialist and Communications Assistant, spoke about the importance of One Page Wednesdays. “We want to provide individuals with a plethora of information. Whether it’s using ADP or submitting work orders, we want to help as many people as possible,” Boyd explained. SGA intends to post every Wednesday to provide useful information to the student body.

“There was a lot of disconnect with a lot of students coming in from what we have there and using that to make things better for everyone,” said Cece Cream, a sophomore in psychology and teaching assistant. communication. The purpose of One Page Wednesdays was to fill in the gaps that students miss. Many are too afraid to ask for help or don’t know where to find it, and these posts give students the opportunity to learn more about their resources.

One Page Wednesdays are not only useful for freshmen, they can also be useful for upper class students who have been in Ride for a long time. “The various topics we cover them on are frequently asked questions, whether you’re a freshman or a senior,” Wagner said. “There’s a lot of information to discover about Rider in different places, so it’s helpful to have it all in one place.” Even though students are about to graduate, there is always more to learn in order to enhance your college experience. One-page Wednesdays are an opportunity to learn more about Rider and a way to find answers to frequently asked questions.

Going forward, SGA hopes to continue expanding the information they cover and has already prepared a lot for the months to come. “I think it’s even possible to expand it to things like, here are the steps to get your tickets for track and field games. You know, how to navigate the Broncs ticket website,” Bernstein said. “I also try to get in touch with each office. How to study abroad, how to connect with the financial aid office and everything else.”

Earnest L. Veasey