Rider-WFHS, Iowa Park-Holliday, 2022 high school football predictions

Have a good football season everyone.

The feeling for high school football fans is similar to waking up on Christmas morning. Finally, we’re back in the stadiums to watch Texas’ favorite pastime.

Future editions of this blog will feature a random list ranging from favorite high school football stories to the best versions of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

But please understand this is one of the busiest weeks of the year for me.

I ended the pre-season coverage with two long stories, including extensive research on the 1972 and 1973 Gorée State Championship football teams and the second Super Team Red River 22.

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Then we moved on to Week 1 preview coverage with games starting Thursday night, a full Friday night schedule and rising early Saturday morning to cover Hotter ‘N Hell.

I’m going to “phone in” a bit and not come up with a roster this week, going straight to the Week 1 predictions.

There are two new faces on the TRN Sports panel this season, including TRN Sports photographer Naomi Skinner and KAUZ sports director Robyn Hearn. I think both are worthy additions.

They join Cory Hogue, TRN Sports freelancer and small college reporter for Dave Campbell, Tobin McDuff and MJ Baird of KFDX, and myself to form this year’s high school pick line.

You can find all of their picks included below along with a brief explanation of my selections.

Let’s get to the choices…and may your Friday nights be great.


Runner 50, WFHS 16 – This is actually the average score of this match over the last seven meetings. While I think the Coyotes are going to have a winning season, they’re a little stoned right now. Overall rider depth will carry Old High down.


Hirschi 48, Clint 8 – Expect the Huskies to make a strong statement to open their 2022 campaign. They’re the third-ranked team in the state for a reason. The Huskies should be better against Clint’s three-option offense after seeing it in the playoffs last season.

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Bridgeport 32, Burkburnet 28 – I’m very tempted to bring Burkburnett here, but I want the Bulldogs to prove they can win first. Yes, it is a challenge. I think the program is moving in the right direction under coach Brad Boyd and every report I’ve heard from pre-season has been positive. But they need to find success on the pitch before we can be comfortable picking them.

Graham 41, Bowie 7 – Tough match for Hugh Farmer’s debut as Bowie’s head coach. The Pigskin Prep line on this game is 59. That’s extreme. But the rabbits are not ready to follow Graham.


Holiday 31, Iowa Park 15 – The “Battle of the Birds” has produced a series of entertaining games in recent memory. On paper, Holliday is a bit stronger than Iowa Park, but a Pigskin Prep line of 26 is too heavy. I can’t imagine this game being so unbalanced.

Jacksboro 30, Breckenridge 27 – Great game. I roll with Jacksboro and their new offensive system. The Tigers are one of the most intriguing teams this season.

City View 28, Vernon 20 – This is the very first meeting between these two. City View’s size up front combined with his athleticism at the skill positions gives him the edge. Both are playoff teams this season.


Windthorst 22, Henrietta 21 – Tried to take Henrietta, but I roll with Windthorst thanks to his backfield experience. It’s a tossup, though. Great season opener.

Olney 37, Alvord 32 – It would be a quality win for Olney and a great indicator of how far the program has come under coach Jody Guy. I like this flexbone attack with experience and depth in the backfield.

Seymour 44, Anson 0 – The gap is 24. I clearly think it’s more unbalanced than that. I saw a bit of Anson in a scrum with City View and the Tigers looked overwhelmed. I think Seymour would provide a bigger challenge for Mustangs. The Panthers are returning too much talent.

Nocona 31, era 14 – Nocona’s first Class 2A game should be a win. The Indians have a strong core back and will be a factor in their district this season.

Archer City 36, Quanah 25 – Both teams have questions for the season, but I like Archer City’s answers more. Quanah is more senior, but the Wildcats have athleticism the Indians will struggle to match on the field.

Santo 38, Electra 12 – Tough opening for Electra, who reverts to a wing-T attack. It will get better, but Santo is on another level right now.

Monday 28, Mercy Culture Prep 21 – I don’t know much about Mercy Culture Prep. I had to find where it is. It’s Fort Worth, by the way. I take the team I know best.

Muenster Sacred Heart 42, Petrolia 18 – Petrolia is going to be better than many think. The Pirates have lost big chunks, but there are good athletes playing those roles. That said, Sacred Heart is a tough way to open the season.


Saint Jo 57, WCS 29 – Saint Jo has been a strong six-man program over the past few seasons. It’s a tough game for a young Stars team.

Strawn 46, Knox City 39 – Strawn was hit hard with graduation and a transfer. Knox City’s junior class is legit, but I want the Greyhounds to prove it against a perennial Class A Division II powerhouse.

North Side 39, Patton Springs 27 – It comes down to picking the team I know best. Northside has enough talent to open with a win over Patton Springs.

Azle Christian 54, Bryson 22 – Young Bryson’s team comes up against a strong private school program.

Gordon 46, Throckmorton 42 – Throckmoreton is a 15-point favorite, but I’m worried about the Greyhounds at the start of this season because of the talent they’ve gotten. These are big chunks to replace with a six-man program.

Benjamin 45, Moran 0 – Benjamin can choose his point total. The Mustangs are loaded and will consistently enforce the leniency rule this season.

Klondike 62, Crowell 38 – I often drove through the Klondike early in my career, going from Midland to Lubbock. And I don’t remember the Cougars being great at football. The weather is changing. With 14 returning men of letters, the Cougars have solid depth for the division.

Chillicothe 40, Darrouzett 38 – Darrouzett is still a young program that has made progress each season. Chillicothe is still holding off the Longhorns for now.

Paint Creek 50, Harrold 36 – With former Benjamin coach Shannon Waters now at Paint Creek, expect the Pirates to start improving quickly.

Newcastle 52, Ranger 35 – It’s not easy to find a lot of information about Ranger because he doesn’t play in a neighborhood. I’ll take Newcastle going from Division I to Division II.

Gold-Burg 61, Perrin-Whitt 45 – Coach Joe Helms retired but left the Gold-Burg program better than how he found it. The Bears should continue to thrive. Forestburg 44, North Texas Spartans 23 – What do I know of the North Texas Spartans? Almost nothing. It’s a homeschool program that plays an outlaw program. It should be a win for the Longhorns who turn over most of their starters.

Earnest L. Veasey