Rider Pride Day returns, hundreds fill the parking lot

CAMDEN, Del. — Rider Pride Day took over Caesar Rodney High School on Saturday, with extracurricular activities, sports teams, community organizations and businesses all filling the parking lot. “Just walking around listening to music, hearing the kids laughing and being here with all their friends,” says new Superintendent of Schools Christine Alois.

Rider Pride Day welcomes the spring and final part of the school year, allowing community members from all walks of life to come together, especially after two tough years. “We have students performing, we have members of our community here sharing different services that are available for families,” says Alois.

A candidate for the United States Congress, Lee Murphy, stopped by the festivities and also commented on the event. “The spirit here at Cesar Rodney today is fantastic, it’s the way America should be.” Murphy adds: “I can feel it here today with the people here, they’re just happy to be out.” Jenni Rivera, a Dover Federal Credit Union employee who had a booth at the event, also told us, “It’s really great to see the kids, the young people, especially because I know they miss it. “

Dover Federal Credit Union (DFCU), like many other companies at the event, had boots on the ground to get everyone involved in what they do and how they too can benefit the community. “It’s great to be in the community because we’re still a very community-oriented financial institution, we’re all people-centric,” says fellow DFCU employee Christopher Martarano. Her other colleague, Katie Keegan, adds: ‘Pamphlets, toys, fun things for the kids and it really gets them involved too, so if the kids are involved you know the parents are going to be involved.’

Although businesses and school officials say the event was greatly missed, Saturday’s turnout just proved how important it is to the community. “We’re still here, we’re all in this together at the same time, it feels good since COVID,” says Rivera. Alois adds: “It just shows the genuine support people have and the love they have for the schools and their community.”

Superintendent Lois had her first day Friday with the Caesar Rodney School District, and she tells 47 ABC that Saturday’s event holds great promise and excites her for the district’s future.

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Earnest L. Veasey