Rider Drains Say Boots and Tesco’s decision to stop selling plastic-based wet wipes will help UK drainage and reduce environmental damage

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Darlington, May 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As one of the UK’s leading drain companies, Rider Drains is well known for its advocacy of biodegradable toiletries and wet wipes. While non-biodegradable products have a substantial and detrimental impact on the environment, in the drain industry wet wipes are a major cause of damage, clogging drains, sewers and waterways.

Today, Paul Rider, CEO of Drains for ridersapplauds the decision announced by UK retailer Boots, in which it pledged to stop selling wet wipes containing plastic fibers by the end of 2022. The move follows similar action taken by a number of other UK retailers, including Tesco, who announced their commitment to biodegradable-only wet wipes in February 2022.

“This is long overdue news, but news worth celebrating,” said Paul Rider. “For many years, Rider Drains has been advising customers to avoid plastic-based toiletries and wet wipes because they cause incomprehensible harm to the environment, not to mention drainage systems. When unclogging drains, repairing drains, installing drains or responding to an emergency call, we’re never surprised to find that non-biodegradable wet wipes have played a role. We hope more retailers will follow suit to solve the UK’s drainage problem and, above all, reduce environmental damage.

Below, we explain why Rider Drains has vigorously advocated the use of biodegradable toiletries and wet wipes. Alternatively, to learn more about Rider Drains and their advocacy, visit their website: https://www.riderrains.co.uk

An estimated 11 billion wet wipes are used in the UK every year, the majority of which contain plastic, causing widespread damage to drainage, sewers, rivers and wildlife.

Drains for riders say that although many non-biodegradable wet wipes are labeled “do not rinse”, consumers don’t necessarily pay attention. With around 11 billion wet wipes sold in the UK every year, wet wipes are still getting thrown away. As a result, wipes pile up on banks causing rivers to change shape, marine animals to die from ingesting microplastics, and drains and sewers, like drains and sewers, to clog and damaged, often requiring a complicated intervention to be resolved.

Paul Rider says retailers like Holland and Barratt are leading the way. “In September 2019, we saw Holland and Barratt replace their wet wipes with reusable alternatives. The Body Shop has also removed non-biodegradable wipes. Now it seems that more and more retailers are waking up to the problem and making positive changes.”

A vast majority of drainage issues are caused by non-biodegradable toiletries and wipes – so much so that Rider Drains has launched an emergency service

For the team at Rider Drains, the impact of non-biodegradable toiletries and wet wipes is felt every day. Their team is expert in drain unclogging, installation, descaling, lining, cleaning and more. Such is the magnitude of the problem caused by wet and other non-biodegradable wipes, Drains for riders chose to launch an emergency drainage service to meet demand.

“In case of an emergency, our team is ready, 24/7. Oftentimes drains get so clogged or damaged that they require immediate attention, and this emergency drain service is a direct response to the rise in clogged drains, of which wet wipes are a major culprit.

Rider Drains is committed to playing its part in changing consumer mindsets and advocating for the use of biodegradable toiletries and wet wipes.

With an established reputation for environmentally responsible consumer advice, the team at RiderDrains are delighted to see further action by UK retailers to phase out non-biodegradable products and commit to reusable or plant-based options. They pledged to continue advising their customers about the harm that non-biodegradable toiletries and wet wipes can cause and will encourage other retailers to stop selling these products.

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