Passenger charged $39,000 for 15-minute Uber ride

This passenger was almost taken for a ride.

A British carpool customer has been left stunned after waking up hungover and having a $39,317 Uber charge on his debit card.

Oliver Kaplan, 22, recently ordered a car on the ridesharing app after finishing a shift at the Buxton Inn in Manchester, England. The chef had planned to meet friends at Witchwood, a pub just four miles away.

“I ordered an Uber like I do most nights on my way home from work and everything seemed normal,” Kaplan said. South West News Service about his horrible bill.

He claims the price listed on the app was between $11 and $12, which he happily accepted.

“The driver came, I got in the Uber, and he took me exactly where I needed to go,” Kaplan said. “It was a 15 minute trip – heights.”

Oliver Kaplan quickly contacted Uber’s customer service via the app to find out more about the exorbitant fees.
Oliver Kaplan / SWNS

Kaplan thought no more of the experience until he received a message from Uber the next morning.

“When I woke up hungover the next morning the last thing I expected was a charge of over £35,000 [$39,317]!” he exclaimed.

The total amount charged to Kaplan’s card was £35,427, or $39,317.

Eventually, Uber engineers determined that the drop-off location had somehow changed from a pub in England to a park in Australia.
Oliver Kaplan / SWNS

The Kaplan quickly contacted Uber’s customer service through the app to inquire about the exorbitant charges.

Oliver Kaplan.
Oliver Kaplan, 22, was horrified when he received a bill for a 15-minute Uber ride totaling over $39,000.
Oliver Kaplan/SWNS

“He said the amount couldn’t be taken because I didn’t have sufficient funds,” Kaplan said, saying Uber employees were initially puzzled by the sum.

Eventually, company engineers determined that the drop location had somehow changed to Australia.

It’s unclear how the confusion arose, but it’s possible a glitch could have changed the location of Witchwood, the pub in Manchester, to Witchwood, a park in Victoria, Australia.

Kaplan didn’t have the $39,317 in his bank account, so Uber couldn’t withdraw the funds.

“If I had that kind of money, I would have had to hunt them down for a refund,” he explained. “It could have caused me all sorts of financial problems.

“Fortunately, they [Uber] were really good at it and did it right away – but it was a stressful half hour to say the least,” Kaplan added.

In a statement, Uber told SWNS: “As soon as this issue was raised on Oliver’s account, we immediately corrected the fare. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Kaplan isn’t the first Uber rider to wake up with a hangover and a sky-high bill from the ride-hailing app.

In March 2020, a drunk British student accidentally entered the wrong destination while ordering an Uber. The overthrown scholar put an address 250 miles away, before falling asleep for the entire five-hour journey.

He was horrified when he woke up in the wrong place and received a $1,700 bill.

Earnest L. Veasey