Organizations call for removal of marijuana driver in Washington, D.C.

The Drug Policy Alliance has joined more than 50 groups in urging lawmakers to remove the appropriations endorsement preventing Washington, DC from establishing a regulatory framework for marijuana.

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Organizations seeking action include those involved in criminal justice reform, liberty, business and labor industries. Group officials forwarded the correspondence to House and Senate officials as well as Senate Majority Leader Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) and House Speaker’s Representative Nancy Pelosi ( D-CA).

“We commend the Appropriations Officers and leaders of the Financial Services and General Administration (FSGG) Subcommittee of both Houses for the historic withdrawal of this endorsement at the start of this Congress,” the organizations wrote. “It is imperative both for public health, public safety, and congressional support for the district’s right to self-government that Runner Harris’ removal be upheld.”

Queen Adesuyi, senior director of national policy for the Drug Policy Alliance, recently issued a statement regarding the requested action, noting lawmakers have an opportunity to allow the district to reap economic, public health and safety benefits. public of legalization, like every other state that has reformed its marijuana. laws.

“On the one hand, Congress continues to make progress in advancing federal marijuana reform grounded in racial justice, while simultaneously being responsible for banning the very jurisdiction that led the country to legalize marijuana. marijuana through this lens of being able to regulate it,” Adesuyi said. “This conflict and contradiction must end now. We look forward to working with them to finally end this injustice and ensure that the voice and vote of DC residents is respected. »

The organizations concluded in the correspondence that it is time for Congress to support the District of Columbia’s right to self-determination by lifting the rider.

Earnest L. Veasey