Online food delivery man caught and brings back ‘shabu’ worth 68 million pesos – police

An online food delivery courier was arrested on Saturday and brought back 10 kilos of illegal drugs estimated at 68 million shabu, the biggest haul so far this year, according to the regional police office (PRO-7) and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency in Central Visayas.

Lt. Col. Glenn Mayam, head of PRO-7’s regional intelligence division, identified the suspect as 24-year-old Josh Vincent “Justin” Camion, a resident of Barangay Guadalupe where he was arrested by the regional unit anti-drug treatment of PRO-7.

Officers led by Captain Joffre Grande seized from Camion eight large packets of shabu marked “888” and placed inside green tea bags, marked money used in the purchase operation and a sports bag black that he used to transport contraband.

The shabu seized from Camion is valued at P68 million based on the Dangerous Drugs Board’s assessment.

“This operation was based on intelligence work. We placed the suspect under eight months of intelligence operation. In fact, they have a group that we have traced and placed their modus operandi under surveillance,” Mayam told reporters as he witnessed the on-site inventory of evidence.

Mayam dismissed the insinuation that proceeds from the bulk of the recently seized drugs were intended to fund politicians, saying drug figures like Truck were placed under police surveillance months ago.

He said Camion was considered a high-value regional target. He has an unlawful possession of a firearm case pending in court, but was released on bail.

Camion’s arrest came after 13.8 million pesos worth of shabu was seized in two separate sting operations at Barangays Mambaling and Duljo-Fatima.

John Mark Malibiran, deputy regional director of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency-Region 7, said drugs confiscated by authorities in buyout operations in Cebu could be traced to a drug syndicate linked to the “Triangle d’or” due to its packaging and larger volume.

“So far this is the biggest loot. We have a drug seizure of 5 kilos in region 6,” Malibiran said while attending to the inventory of illegal drugs seized from the suspect.

Earnest L. Veasey