North Highland pedestrian injured by motorcyclist

Pedestrians report being hit by motorcyclist on Brock Drive

A biker reportedly injured a North Highland pedestrian on August 3 after hitting him and then fleeing the scene. The crash happened around 11:07 a.m. in a residential area along Brock Drive, which is between Thomas Drive and Holiday Way. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) incident report says the pedestrian called authorities in the accident.

Authorities are looking for a runaway biker

Sacramento Fire Department medics were dispatched to the scene of the crash to assess the pedestrian’s injuries. It was not reported whether the pedestrian was treated at the scene or taken to hospital for further care. An investigation into the bodily injury is ongoing.

Pedestrian accidents involving a motorcyclist

Whether or not a pedestrian can claim compensation following a collision with a motorcyclist depends on several factors. When making a claim, the pedestrian may be accused of negligence by the motorcyclist’s lawyer, preventing him from obtaining compensation. Some of the issues that might arise include:

  • Was the pedestrian using a crosswalk when they were struck by the motorcyclist?
  • Was the pedestrian easy to spot? That is, were they wearing easily visible clothes during the day or light-colored clothes at night?
  • Was the pedestrian paying attention to traffic when crossing? In other words, were they distracted by listening to the radio or texting when the accident happened?
  • Was the pedestrian crossing the street against the light?

The former are all matters that might be raised by the motorcyclist’s insurance company or legal adviser in an effort to discredit the person on foot who has been injured. This demonstrates why a pedestrian injured by negligence motorbike the rider may benefit from the assistance of an accident lawyer. The accident lawyer can gather the necessary evidence to support the injured person’s case and present a convincing argument that can help the pedestrian collect the compensation they deserve.

How can a personal injury lawyer support my claim?

Evidence is needed to support the case of anyone who has been injured in an accident and wants compensation. When a motorcyclist has been the cause of an injury to a pedestrian, some of the areas where evidence can be gathered as part of an investigation include:

  • If the accident was a hit and runthe lawyer could send investigators to gather evidence to identify the getaway driver.
  • A reconstruction of the accident is made, which shows the positioning of the pedestrian in relation to the motorcyclist and how the accident occurred.
  • Reviewing the police report can ensure its accuracy and provide additional information in some cases.
  • Trade and traffic nearby surveillance cameras may have filmed the accident as it happened, especially if it happened at an intersection. Video of the collision not only provides proof of fault, but can help identify the vehicle and the driver.
  • Witnesses to the accident can corroborate the presence of a fleeing driver and in some cases one of them filmed the collision on his mobile phone while it was happening or as the motorcyclist left the scene .

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