Nils Amelinckx Launches Non-Profit Community Interest Corporation Rider Resilience – Community

Nils Amelinckx has officially launched Rider Resilience CICa non-profit community interest corporation.

In 2017 and aged 30, Amelinckx, a bicycle industry professional best known for leading the cycle arm of Lyon Equipment until 2021, was diagnosed with incurable bowel cancer and said that he had only five years to live.

Although he first had to put his bike on the sidelines to undergo treatment, he said he was inspired by others not to let his illness dictate how he should live his life and s stubbornly went back to slow-turning pedals.

He gradually regained stamina and now, just over five years later, he’s racked up seven rounds of surgery, five rounds of radiotherapy and over 60+ of chemotherapy, but he’s adamant that the bike provided some of the most remarkable healing powers and said he wouldn’t be here now without her.

Amelinckx has documented this view through still images and words in various cycling publications. Rider Resilience was born out of the strength and camaraderie of the cycling community, Amelinckx said, with the goal of inspiring people from all walks of life to turn to cycling in times of hardship.

One of the goals is to foster resilience in people through inspiring stories of where cycling has gotten someone through tough times. The second objective is to raise funds to allow the company to in turn commit to financially supporting projects with a similar philosophy, acting as a springboard to get more people cycling.

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Contributor stories will be shared primarily through regular YouTube and podcast player episodes, as well as through stills and abridged blog posts on the Rider Resilience homepage.

A documentary-style film that focuses on cycling as a healing tool is also in the works, drawing on the collaborative creative vision of Aspect Media and Steel City Media, slated for release in Spring 2023. Funding will be generated through merchandise sales, donations, community fundraisers and corporate partnerships.

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