Nicolas Cage should still be Ghost Rider, damn it

This has been the subject of much discussion lately after fans noticed a poster in She-Hulk apparently advertising “Johnny Blaze”, Ghost Rider’s alter ego. Well, the producers later clarified that the poster was actually for “Donny Blaze,” a magician “who just wanted a cool name.” And before that, Ryan Gosling made headlines by publicly stating that he would be down to play GR in a Marvel movie.

But if they bring Ghost Rider into the MCU, we strongly believe it should be Nicolas.”I already built my own fucking grave” Cage.

Of course, the first two with Cage ghost rider the movies weren’t great – but that wasn’t his fault. And if anyone’s proven they can rise to the occasion after failing him in a shitty movie, it’s the guy who voiced Speckles the Guinea Pig in G-force the same year he starred in a crazy Werner Herzog movie. Actually, maybe we should just add CGI to a few scenes and do this new ghost rider film:

And more specifically, we now live in a time where older actors are regularly brought back to reprise past superhero roles, like Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man: No Coming Home and Michael Keaton in the flash (if he ever sees the light of day). So wouldn’t it be nice if Cage really had great Ghost Rider movie to get your teeth into?

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