Negligent Bury quad rider didn’t stop for police

A quad driver, who refused to stop for police, cruised down roads at speeds of up to 45mph and forced a driver to brake hard to avoid a collision.

The chase through Bury on March 11 only ended after the quad stopped on Topping Fold Road and the pilot, Jamie Michael Simpson, 43, was unable to restart it.

He was charged with reckless driving, having no license or insurance and failing to stop for a police officer.

And he was found guilty of the offenses after failing to appear at Bolton Magistrates’ Court for his trial.

Questioned by prosecuting Neil Addison, PC Adam Barber told the court how he was on duty at 10.15am when he spotted a blue Yamaha quad on Parsonage Street, Bury.

“It was on an all-terrain vehicle. The driver at the time was wearing a helmet but did not display any license plate,” PC Barber said.

The officer followed the vehicle as it turned into Shaw Street and picked up speed, traveling at 35-40 mph.

At the junction of Willow Street and Rochdale Old Road, PC Barber signaled the motorcyclist to stop but he sped up.

“He looked over his right shoulder and I pointed my finger for him to stop. He then took off on Rochdale Old Road,” PC Barber said.

After reaching 45mph, the quad made a handbrake turn in front of an oncoming car, which had to brake hard, and turned onto Topping Fold Road where it climbed a curb and drove onto a grass edge.

“The engine had cut out completely and he was trying to restart the quad to get it running again,” PC Barber said.

Simpson, of Heywood Road, Prestwich, was arrested and handcuffed.

When asked, Simpson claimed he had bought the quad 10 days earlier for £2,000 and was driving to a quarry.

He said he knew he had no license or insurance for the vehicle and was “freaked out” when he saw the police.

Simpson claimed he didn’t know he was accelerating because he had no speedometer indicating he ended the chase voluntarily.

“He said he didn’t want to hurt himself or anyone else,” Mr Addison said.

Magistrates fined Simpson £860 and ordered him to pay £500 for prosecution costs, plus an £86 victim fine surcharge.

Nine penalty points were added to his driving record.

Earnest L. Veasey