MX Nationals partners with Carbon Comps for 2022

Michelin MX Nationals powered by Milwaukee is pleased to announce the only UK racing company specializing in new motorcycles, Carbon Comps, as the official championship partner for 2022.

Carbon Comps is the brainchild of Anthony Park, who has over 20 years of work and competition experience in 2-wheel motorsport and everything is going well will participate in the championship himself. The Carbon Comps team will attend every round and showcase bikes that will be available to win throughout 2022.

“We are obviously delighted to be involved in the Michelin MX Nationals,” said Anthony. “We’ve seen the championship grow from year to year and the great job they’ve done with their free live broadcast. It was a big selling point for us and a great way to cross messages and help each other with the promotion. Carbon Comps is the only racing company in the UK specializing in two-wheeled motorsport and rewards new bikes and accessories every week. We give back as much as possible to the sport with our ‘Rider Academy Scheme’ supporting athletes and events, so it seemed perfect to partner with the most successful motocross championship in the UK. Comps supporting more runners and events for 2022 and on a personal level I can’t wait to be on the right track.

MX National Championships Director Paul Irwin thinks it’s another championship bowstring. “One of the main things we’ve learned from this year is the global reach and appeal of the championship. Even James Stewart mentioned in his recent podcast that he’s watching live coverage, so that’s great. With a bigger online presence to work with a racing company that offers a whole range of brand new motorcycles, the hope is to attract more people to motocross and that’s always a good thing. Maybe we can even give a bike to a winner live at one of our events and accompany them as a guest? Regardless, we are delighted to have Carbon Comps on board as a championship partner and look forward to working with Ant and Nat in 2022. ”

For more information on Carbon Comps or to participate in a live competition or find out more about their “Rider Academy Program”, visit

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Earnest L. Veasey