Motorcycle theft: how to prevent it this winter

Winter means shorter days, colder weather and less driving. For many cyclists, winter also means keeping their pride and joy until the next riding season.

Unfortunately, winter does not deter motorcycle thieves. In fact, according to motorcycle safety experts BikeTrac, reduced daylight hours make thieves more brazen in their efforts. And even if your bike is in a garage, that doesn’t mean it’s safe.

So whether you plan to store your bike this winter or stay in the saddle throughout the cold season, it is worth securing your motorcycle well.

With that in mind, we’ve teamed up with BikeTrac to bring you some crucial advice on how to prevent motorcycle theft and keep your bike safe.

Prevent motorcycle theft

Bike thieves are opportunists. If they see an unprotected bike, they will grab it. Generally, well-guarded bikes aren’t worth it when there are easier targets around.

So if you can store your bike in a garage or somewhere that is not visible from the street, it will go a long way in preventing your bike from being a potential target. But this is not a guarantee against theft. It’s worth having additional security measures that go beyond the steering lock.

Disc brakes help bring the bike to a standstill and provide a visible deterrent to opportunistic thieves. Better yet, a high quality motorcycle safety chain and padlock, attached to an unremovable anchor.

BikeTrac offers a range of hardware safety options, including their carry bag and chain. This portable set includes a bolt cutter-resistant chain and disc lock, packed in a handy carry bag so you can secure your bike when you’re on the go.

At home, it’s best to secure your bike with a sturdy chain and ground anchor. The BikeTrac Ground Anchor comes with everything you need to install it, and all you need is a drill.

A little tip for installing an anchor on the ground: mounting the anchor on a wall means that the chain is suspended in the air, so it is more difficult for thieves to hack or cut. So, if possible, it is best to install an anchor on a solid wall.

What happens if your motorcycle is stolen?

Stolen Husqvarna found in van

Unfortunately, your motorcycle can still be stolen despite your best efforts. Dedicated thieves don’t hesitate to break into garages, smash locks, grind chains and smash disc locks.

They don’t even need to be able to roll the bike. Organized gangs can lift motorcycles into vans and disappear in minutes. In the UK, once a motorcycle is stolen, only 16% is recovered. But there is a solution.

motorcycle trackers

Motorbike stolen from container

Installing a motorcycle tracker greatly improves your chances of recovering a stolen motorcycle. For example, bikes fitted with a BikeTrac tracking unit have an astonishing 94% recovery rate. Their units have GPS tracking that can monitor your bike movements in real time, locating a bike within a three to five meter area.

But what really makes BikeTrac’s technology so effective is radio frequency (RF) tracking, which can locate a bike within a meter. Importantly, an RF signal is accurate enough for police to obtain a search warrant if a stolen bike is hidden in a row of garages or shipping containers, for example.

A bike equipped with BikeTrac can be tracked through shipping containers, underground parking lots, vans and boxes. BikeTrac even located a bike hidden in a second-floor apartment and worked with Interpol to track and recover a bike stolen in London that ended up in Lithuania.

24 hour peace of mind

Boxed BikeTrac Tracker

However, technology alone is not enough to recover a bike. Constant and responsive monitoring is necessary to make trackers effective, and BikeTrac does it all for you. They provide 24/7 surveillance and will contact you in the event of theft, and will liaise directly with the authorities as soon as the bike is picked up.

Additionally, BikeTrac has partnered with private security company Securitas. If the police can’t react quickly enough, a nationwide force is ready to investigate your stolen bike.

Protect your investment

Adding the expense of heavy chains, disc locks and tracking devices on top of the cost of your bike is a substantial sum of money. And let’s face it, security devices aren’t exactly the sexiest accessories. Baggage, navigation, clothing, parts…there are plenty of things we would all probably rather spend our hard-earned money on.

But what’s the point of buying it, when everything could disappear in the blink of an eye? Insurance goes no further in protecting your investment, especially when there is sentimental value.

So to give your bike the best chance of remaining in your possession, fit a BikeTrac tracker to your pride and joy. BikeTrac are the only company to offer a 0% finance package: you get the BikeTrac unit installed plus a one year subscription for just £39 per month and a down payment of £52 for 12 months.

Head over to the BikeTrac website here to check out their safety offerings.

Earnest L. Veasey