“I was deeply shaken by an electric scooter driver on the sidewalk”

Electric scooters have been deployed across Oxford

Your report on the electric scooter trial (Oxford Times, April 7) is very complimentary.

Towards the end of the article, mention is made of ensuring “the safety of motorcyclists and other road users”.

No mention is made of the safety of pedestrians, who are surely the most vulnerable when it comes to misuse of electric scooters.

I am writing to you after witnessing a most extraordinary incident on Magdalen Street mid-afternoon on Thursday April 7th.

Fresh out of the Ashmolean, I walked the pavement between bus stops and shops on Magdalen Street on my way to Cornmarket.

Oxford Mail:

Oxford Mail:

As is common in this area, the sidewalk was busy with people walking around.

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Suddenly an e-scooter emerged along the sidewalk, heading towards St Giles at high speed, at least 10mph I would estimate, and weaving its way between people without any attempt to slow down. The rider brushed past me. I yelled at him to stop but he didn’t notice. I was deeply shaken by the incident.

Rarely have I witnessed such recklessness. If someone had come out in front of him – a child, for example, an elderly person, a pregnant woman – there is no way that he was not very seriously injured.

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Your article points out that the use of private electric scooters is illegal. What anyone using an e-scooter needs to remember, and this also applies to parents buying an e-scooter for a child or young adult, is that without insurance, the person riding the e-scooter is personally responsible for any injury it causes. .

I would not hesitate to personally sue an e-scooter rider who has caused injury to a member of my family.

The e-scooter used was not one of those in the Oxford trial, but insurance and personal liability issues also apply to anyone hiring an e-scooter.

No one riding an electric scooter should ever ride along sidewalks.

Harry Dickinson


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