Herefordshire court round-up: Electric cyclist in court and man sold cannabis cakes

FROM the electric cyclist in court for riding without a license to the man selling cannabis cakes, here are the Herefordshire Magistrates’ Court cases we’ve covered this week.

A VAN driver was banned from traffic after consuming cannabis before getting behind the wheel.

READ MORE: Herefordshire van driver banned from roads after taking drugs

A HEREFORD electric cyclist has been fined by magistrates for riding without insurance or a licence.

READ MORE: Court fines Hereford man for riding e-bike without license

A BURGLAR with an ‘appalling’ record has been jailed after stealing a charity box from a Hereford business.

READ MORE: Burglar jailed after stealing charity box in Hereford

A HEREFORD man has avoided jail after making abusive calls to 999.

READ MORE: Hereford man avoids jail after abusive 999 calls

A MAN has been sent to trial after denying drunk driving in Herefordshire.

READ MORE: Man sent to trial after denying Herefordshire offense

A drug driver has been banned from traffic after being caught driving.

READ MORE: Banned: Drug driver caught on Herefordshire roads

A HEREFORD man has been conditionally released after causing criminal damage.

READ MORE: Hereford man in criminal damages court

A WOMAN appeared in court after an accident in a Herefordshire lane.

READ MORE: Herefordshire woman in court after drink-driving crash

ABUSIVE MAN has been banned from contact after an incident in Hereford.

READ MORE: Abusive Hereford man banned from contact after incident in town

An Audi driver in HEREFORDSHIRE has avoided a driving ban after he was caught breaking the limit.

READ MORE: Herefordshire Audi driver escapes road ban over job fears

A HEREFORDSHIRE man has been handed a 10-year restraining order after he harassed a man.

READ MORE: A Herefordshire man has been given a 10-year restraining order for harassment

A HEREFORDSHIRE woman has escaped a traffic ban after she was caught breaking the limit.

READ MORE: Herefordshire woman escapes road ban after offense

A Hereford ‘ENTREPRENEURIAL’ home cook has been caught selling cannabis-laden cakes and pastries after advertising his products on social media and offering a home delivery service.

READ MORE: The Hereford cook has launched a cannabis cake delivery service

A HEREFORDSHIRE man has been back in court after breaching a contact ban.

READ MORE: Herefordshire man back in court after breaking contact ban

A HEREFORD man has been sent to trial after he denied attacking a woman.

READ MORE: Hereford man sent to trial after denying attack on woman

A FARM worker has been banned from driving after he was caught driving with drugs in Hereford.

READ MORE: Teenage farm worker loses job after Hereford breach

A HEREFORD man has been found guilty after denying drunk driving on a busy city road.

READ MORE: Hereford man convicted of offense on busy city road

A HEREFORDSHIRE man has been banned from the roads after being caught over double the limit.

READ MORE: Banned: Herefordshire man caught while at double the limit

HEREFORDSHIRE man threatened women, court heard.

READ MORE: Herefordshire man in court after making threats

Earnest L. Veasey