Health Prime Rider: Get additional financial protection for your health needs

Health is wealth – we may have heard this phrase over and over again in the past, but today it takes on a whole different meaning. Ever since Covid-19, a global health crisis, hit our lives two years ago, it has made us realize that demands can hit us carelessly. Not only can a demand exhaust us mentally and physically, but it can also affect our financial reserves. And that’s exactly where a comprehensive health insurance can intervene to protect you and your family in the event of a medical emergency. They can cover expenses related to hospitalization, medication, ambulance, doctor’s consultation, etc.

In an environment of increasing competition, it can sometimes be difficult to focus on the right health insurance policy. A rule of thumb is to choose one that not only covers your medical expenses but also offers cashless treatment and quality health care at a reputable network hospital. Moreover, it should also offer tax advantages. *

* The tax benefit is subject to change in tax laws

Health Insurance Riders

While choosing the right health insurance policy is important, sometimes it’s not enough. You need an extra layer of protection in terms of coverage. This is where runners can help. They are an added benefit to your plan and can meet your specific health needs at an affordable cost. *

Several insurance companies offer endorsements for critical illness, disability, accident, etc., but Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company offers a wellness endorsement called Health Prime which emphasizes the importance of health care. preventive health and regular medical examinations. This endorsement is available on select retail products and group health/personal accident products. With this endorsement, policyholders can remain assured that all their expenses for accompanying medical services will be covered, which otherwise remain uncovered. *

* Terms and conditions apply

Everything about the Health Prime Rider

The Health Prime Rider has 9 options and offers holistic health service solutions. The endorsement offers 6 plans for individuals, in which annual premiums range from 63 to 1,084. There are also 3 family floating plans, with a premium range of 1,146 to 2,348. *These numbers are for representation purposes only. Actual details will differ depending on terms and conditions.

The Health Prime Rider offers various benefits, including teleconsultation coverage, which means that if the insured person needs to chat with a doctor on the platform via audio, chat or video, the costs will be covered. One also enjoys medical consultation coverage for any illness or injury if he/she sees a doctor/physician/physician in person at the prescribed network centers. If necessary, one can also consult outside the prescribed network centers (up to a certain limit). *

The insured can also benefit from investigation cover for pathology and radiology costs, if he calls on the investigation service (pathology or radiology) of the prescribed centres/other networks. *

Finally, the insured can benefit from annual preventive health check-up coverage for blood sugar – fasting, blood urea, ECG, lipid profile, etc. The health check can be easily used cashless in any of the prescribed lists of hospitals or diagnostic centers. *

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company’s extensive medical network includes 2,500* laboratory chains and 90,000* physicians in over 35 specialties. Health Prime Rider benefits are cashless and can be redeemed without any hassle, through Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company’s “Caringly Yours” app. *

* Terms and conditions apply

The last word

While there is a range of health insurance available today, trusted companies such as Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company not only offer a high quality product, but also offer other benefits, such as:

– Cashless claims at over 6,500 hospitals nationwide*

– 60-minute cashless claims settlement*

– 24/7 support for claims settlement and other related issues*

– Maximum coverage at affordable rates*

– Easy-to-renew health insurance policies*

– Rapid settlement of claims up to 20,000*

* Terms and conditions apply

So don’t wait any longer and give yourself and your family the proper protection with the Health Prime Rider.

Insurance is the subject of the solicitation. For full details of benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before making a sale.

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