Getting worse and worse, a drunk Millinocket ATV rider peed in a police car

East Millinocket police arrested a man on Monday who they believe flipped his ATV in a store parking lot and then urinated in the car.

Have you ever had one of those days when things go from bad to worse and you don’t seem to be doing anything right? It was the kind of day this Millinocket man had when he allegedly drank too much and ended up being arrested on a number of charges.

How did it start?

East Millinocket Police were called to a Central Street convenience store on Monday afternoon to a report of a customer who flipped his ATV in the parking lot and then got into a fight with a customer. By the time officers arrived, however, the man had left the area.

Shortly after, Constable Gibberson caught up with 40-year-old Derrick Sirois of Millinocket as he recklessly drove his ATV at high speed down Central Street. A chase ensues when Sirois refuses to stop and drives on through residential neighborhoods. He was caught when local residents told the officer where he was hiding behind a building.

When did the bad situation get worse?

Sirois was not going to go easy and became very combative with Constable Gibberson, including making several threats of grievous bodily harm against the police. Several cops showed up to help him and they managed to get him into the car. Then, as they drove to the police station, Sirois allegedly urinated in the police car.

What charges is he facing?

Derrick Sirois is charged with acting under the influence, evading an officer, operating while suspended, failing to submit to arrest, criminal threats and criminal mischief. He also has an active warrant for his arrest for failing to appear on a previous criminal charge.

This investigation is ongoing and further charges are possible.

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