Free power in Punjab comes with a rider: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Vishav Bharti

Chandigarh, April 16

Keeping its promise made ahead of the Assembly poll, the AAP government led by Bhagwant Mann on Saturday announced 300 units of free electricity from July 1.

Pay the bill if more than 600 units used in 2 months

  • 300 units/month free for all households starting July 1
  • Full bill if their usage exceeds 600 units in two months
  • SC, BC, BPL and Freedom Fighter families will only pay for excess units
  • Move likely to put burden of Rs. 5,000 cr on treasury

First major reshuffle: 32 IAS officers moved

Ravneet Kaur has been appointed Special Chief Secretary and Finance Commissioner, Cooperation, in addition to Special Chief Secretary, Parliamentary Affairs, and Principal Resident Commissioner (NRI Affairs), Punjab Bhawan, New Delhi.

Giving details, Mann said if a household consumed more than 600 units in two months, they would have to foot the full bill. He said SC, OBC and BPL families and freedom fighters, who previously received 200 free units, would also receive 600 units. But if those households consumed more than 600 units in two months, they would only be charged for the additional units, he said.

The CM said tariffs for industrial and commercial consumers would not be increased and free electricity for the agricultural sector would continue. “The decision will benefit about 80% of families.

There are about 73 lakh domestic electricity consumers in Punjab, out of which about 61 lakh will benefit,” he claimed.

Mann further announced that he would waive bills for up to 2kW charging until December 31, 2021. He said that Punjab would be the second state after Delhi to provide free electricity to all consumers. He said that Punjab, despite being the power generating state, was still unable to provide free/cheaper power to the people due to flawed deals made by the governments. previous ones.

“There are still some problems in providing cheaper and free electricity to people, such as transmission losses, shortage of coal and some legal issues. We are working to fix them,” he said.

Earlier on November 1 last year, the then Congress government reduced the electricity tariff by Rs 3 per unit for domestic consumers having the sanctioned load up to 7 kW. Up to 100 consumption units (up to 2kW) the electricity tariff has been set at Rs 1.19 per unit from Rs 4.19 per unit and for 101 to 300 units the tariff is of Rs 4.01 and for more than 300 units, the rate is Rs 5.76 per unit.

Earnest L. Veasey