Femmes et Moto: a French festival for women motorcyclists

Women are the fastest growing segment of motorcycling. More women are riding motorcycles than ever before, and event organizers have begun to smell an opportunity.

Biker culture, not so female-friendly

Traditional motorcycle events, at least in the United States, are plagued by misogyny, so women-only events have grown in popularity in recent years. Babes Ride Out East Coast sells out early each year (watch out, there are still tickets for the September event in Santa Barbara).

Femmes et Moto follows in these footsteps, and the inaugural event will take place in the Hautes-Alpes in France, at the Aerodrome of Aspres-sur-Buech, from September 23 to 25, 2022.

If you’ve never been to Babes Ride Out, well, it’s one hell of a party.

What is it about?

Femmes et Moto promises good times. Open to bikers and aspiring bikers for an entry fee of €59 (plus €15 to join the association Femmes et Moto, for insurance reasons), several activities are included in the price of the ticket. These include yoga sessions, how to organize and plan your road trip and a session on motorcycle mechanics. They also offer add-ons to buy entry to group rides (€15), off-road driving (€25) and off-road training (€60). The organizers also brought together food trucks, a tattoo artist, a photo booth, and organized concerts and karaoke. Accommodations are off-site, but include camping and hotel options (not included in ticket price).

If you’ve been to Babes Ride Out, this probably all sounds very familiar. Why spoil a winning program?

Why only women?

Whenever I talk about these events in a mixed group, inevitably men ask why there have to be women-only motorcycle events, and I’ll explain here as best I can. Women have always been excluded from motorcycle spaces, except as “trim”, i.e. the passenger, the “bitch” or the “old lady”. If I had a nickel for every time a guy said some version of “women don’t belong in the front seat of a motorcycle” to me, I’d at least have a few bucks.

Women-only motorcycle events provide an absolutely supportive environment. There’s no whiff of the “you can’t do this because you’re a girl” attitude, and it’s so refreshing. We can show up at these events and learn from the other women cheering us on, instead of that guy (ladies, we’ve all met him) who rolls his eyes the third time we stall or fall on slippery, rocky ground. hill.

So ladies, if you and your bike will be in France next month, here’s a fun weekend for you. And to the guys in the comments who say “can I wear a dress and sign up”, you are the reason these events exist. Made the feast !

Earnest L. Veasey