Electric scooter driver stopped in Maldon and fined £300

An electric scooter rider on a breakfast run in Maldon has been fined £300, police say.

Biker Unit Police patrolled Maldon and carried out speed checks on Sunny Good Friday (April 15).

During the patrol, the unit says six motorists were flagged for exceeding the limit.

The highest speed officers recorded was 43 mph.

Alongside the reported motorists, a driver on an e-scooter who was on a breakfast run was arrested.

The driver would have received six points and a £300 fine because private electric scooters are illegal to use in a public area.

Electric scooters belong to the category of “powered transporters”, which also covers a range of other motor-powered personal transport devices.

Motor carriers fall within the legal definition of a motor vehicle under the Road Traffic Act 1988.

Therefore, the rules applicable to motor vehicles also apply to electric scooters and they must not be driven on curbs or curbs.

The rider must also have a valid driver’s license and valid insurance.

It is currently not possible to obtain proper insurance for private electric scooters, making it illegal to use them on the road or in public places.

Essex Police are urging retailers to clarify the law for anyone considering buying an electric scooter.

For more information on using e-scooters visit the Essex Police advice and information page.

Earnest L. Veasey