E-scooter driver caught on highway ‘told police he was tracking sat nav’

A police car

An electric scooter rider caught by police on a highway told officers he was tracking his sat nav.

Surrey Police said the man gave the excuse after he was spotted on the M23 in the early hours of Sunday.

His e-scooter suffered a battery failure while in lane four – often referred to as the ‘fast lane’.

Police seized the device and pulled the man off the highway.

The e-scooter is privately owned, which means it has been banned from UK roads.

Electric scooter rental court trials are taking place in around 30 urban areas across England.

The Twitter account run by Surrey Roads Policing Teams posted on Sunday: ‘At 5.30am this morning officers attended M23 to deal with a person riding an electric scooter in lane 4 of the highway!

“It was dark and it was pouring rain. The biker’s excuse? His GPS told him to do it. To add to his problems, his e-scooter ran out of battery, still in lane 4.

“The runner has been flagged for a number of violations.

“The scooter was impounded and the rider pulled off the highway and is lucky to have avoided being hit by another vehicle.

“Electric scooters are illegal to be used on a road let alone the highway.”

It came two days after Surrey Police arrested a disqualified driver using an electric scooter capable of reaching 55mph.

The device was seized and the person appeared in court for multiple offences.

Latest government figures show 10 e-scooter riders were killed and 331 seriously injured in crashes on UK roads in 2021.

That was up from one death and 105 serious injuries in the previous 12 months.

Earnest L. Veasey