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While we often come across accidents involving food delivery people, have we stopped to think about what happens to them after that?

A delivery man, who goes by the name Uncle Roger, has taken to social media to ask for help, saying he has been without an income since his accident in June.

A video shared on Wednesday (September 7) showed TikTok personality Mave Mason chatting with the 61-year-old who asks Foodpanda for help.

Mason had previously used his casino gambling winnings to help those in need, earning him the online nickname “Singapore’s Robin Hood”.

In the three-minute clip, Roger shared that the injuries sustained after being hit by another vehicle rendered him unable to work for months.

“Like my case, I was hit by someone. It’s not me who’s going to hit someone,” he said. “Then how ?”

He claims that when he approached Foodpanda, the delivery platform told him he was not covered by insurance.

“When I went to the office, they told me why I hadn’t signed [the forms]. But I didn’t know them,” recalls Roger, adding that he was unaware of the process to get accident cover after joining the company.

“For old people like us, I don’t think most of us will read [the fine print]said Roger, while citing his inability to read as a reason for missing out on accident coverage.


Should @foodpandasg at least help a little? Lets hope Uncle Roger get well soon. #mavemason #deliveryridersg

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Although Roger said he remains grateful to Foodpanda for giving older people like him the opportunity to earn “more than cleaning ladies”, he claimed the company has not taken good enough care of its delivery men.

“It’s a two-way street, isn’t it? They provide us with work and we earn money for them,” Roger said, while describing his concern that he couldn’t support himself. his family as he recovers from his injuries.

AsiaOne contacted Mason for more information.

In the comments, Foodpanda asked for Mason’s help in contacting Uncle Roger, while pointing out that all of their runners are covered by insurance.

Several Internet users shared messages of support for the delivery man.

“Stay strong. We are all behind you,” said one netizen, while others also praised Mason for taking to social media to shine a light on Uncle Roger’s plight.

Food delivery platforms such as Grab and Foodpanda provide insurance coverage for their passengers.

Riders working for Foodpanda can claim up to $1,000 in medical expenses in the event of an accident and up to $50 in daily hospital cash, according to the food delivery platform’s website.

Responding to questions from AsiaOne, Foodpanda confirmed that they are currently in contact with Roger to assist with his insurance claims, while clarifying that they provide all of their riders with personal accident insurance coverage. – including liability and personal accident insurance coverage – while in office.

“The safety and wellbeing of all of our passengers is a top priority at Foodpanda,” the company spokesperson said.

In past accidents involving food delivery people, a 45-year-old man died after colliding with a truck at Buangkok Green, Hougang on September 1.

The truck driver was later arrested for drunk driving and reckless driving causing death, police told AsiaOne at the time.

And in April, a young, newly married delivery driver was killed in a road accident along Avenue Gambas.

Jason Tan, a 24-year-old father-to-be, was hoping to win an incentive offered to runners and only needed to complete 13 more orders to get it, the Straits Times reported at the time.

In response to a parliamentary question on August 2, the Department of Manpower said it was working with delivery platforms to review work processes to improve the safety of their workers on the road in order to prevent accidents.

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