Cybersecurity juggernaut appoints Chele Rider as director of Indigenous relations

Emergency Management Expert Joins Sollensys as Head of Indigenous Relations

PALM BAY, FL / ACCESSWIRE / March 24, 2022 / Sollensys Corp (OTCQB:SOLS), one of the first major cybersecurity firms specializing in ransomware recovery based on blockchain technology, today announced the appointment of Chele Rider as Head of Indigenous Relations. Ms. Rider is an emergency management expert with 16 years of experience with the American Red Cross and the FEMA Emergency Management Institute, specializing in tribal emergency management collectives.

“Our mission is to create a next-generation blockchain cybersecurity company that makes the world safer for all of us,” said Sollensys CEO Don Beavers. “If you’ve ever been successfully hacked by a cybercriminal, you know that every second counts to ensure business continuity. Ms. Rider not only has extensive experience in emergency management, but she has also taught cybersecurity at Cross -American Red and at the FEMA Emergency Management Institute for over seven years.She is immensely talented with the Choctaw lineage and overall tribal purpose.

Rather than starting with penetrable endpoints, Sollensys begins by securing a copy of what hackers most want to hold hostage and corrupt: organizations’ digital intellectual property and operational data. Sollensys exists to ensure that companies and institutions never pay a ransom and that their activities can continue quickly by saving an immutable and uncorrupted copy of their data.

“There is nothing more important to me than protecting my tribal brothers and sisters, our heritage, our culture and our businesses,” said Ms. Rider, Director of Indigenous Relations at Sollensys. “I’m excited to offer my community a solution where they lose absolutely nothing to a ransomware or malware attack. In the world of cybercrime, to lose nothing is actually to win.”

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