CRASH is heading to MotoCAP – Adventure Rider

Australia’s harsh environment is perhaps what inspired the Motorcycle Clothing Assessment Program (MotoCAP). It is a consumer information program designed to provide riders with science-based information on the relative protection and comfort of a range of motorcycle protective jackets, pants and gloves. Although it tests equipment available in Australia and New Zealand, the results are equally relevant in the United States, Canada and other countries. They are available at

MotoCAP uses the same tests used for current European standards. While these use a simple pass/fail criteria, MotoCAP uses actual test results to scale star ratings so consumers can make an informed decision by comparing similar products on their relative performance. The program is unique in that it also provides a thermal comfort rating, which is not included in European standards, but will help cyclists find clothing suitable for Australia’s climate and riding conditions.

Consumer Rating and Assessment of Safety Helmets (CRASH) is managed by a consortium of government agencies and insurance companies who share a common interest in improving motorcycle safety. CRASH provides helmet buyers with independent and consistent information on the levels of crash injury protection provided by motorcycle helmets and the level of comfort of the helmet.

CRASH ratings were previously published on a standalone website, but are now published on the MotoCAP website, where they continue to provide ratings for motorcycle helmets. This provides a one-stop shop for motorcyclist safety ratings, and motorcyclists around the world should be able to benefit from it to some degree.

The underlying philosophy of CRASH is to provide riders with information to help them choose and use the safest motorcycle helmet. It is also intended to exert commercial and consumer pressure on helmet manufacturers to only market helmets which perform well in excess of the requirements of Australian/New Zealand Standard 1698 or UNECE 22. The program also aims to provide feedback to the Standards Committee for Motorcycle Helmets to be used to improve the ANZ standard.

CRASH tests 30 helmets each year against a series of criteria, including protection and comfort, before assigning a star rating out of five for each criterion. The program concluded that there is a wide range of performance helmets on the market to suit different riding styles. In the latest results, nine of the 30 helmets tested earned a four-star safety rating for crash protection.

Earnest L. Veasey