Cornwall Road Police share advice with uninsured driver

Devon and Cornwall POLICE have shared some advice with a motorcyclist who tried to do a wheelie before being arrested.

The Devon and Cornwall Roads Police Team have shared an update on their social media profile regarding a motorbike driver who was arrested in the Helston area at around 5pm.

According to Devon and Cornwall RPT, police were about to arrest the driver of the vehicle due to faulty rear lights and a mud-covered rear number plate.

However, before doing so, the pilot began attempting to pull wheels.

After finally arresting the motorcyclist, the police also discovered that the bike was uninsured and seized it.

The biker was also reported after receiving some advice from officers.

In the update, which was accompanied by a photo of the vehicle, a spokesperson for the Devon and Cornwall Roads Police team said: ‘About to stop this motorbike in the Helston area with faulty taillights and a mud-covered rear license plate when the rider started trying to pull wheelies.

“Vehicle stopped, advice passed, motorcyclist reported and motorcycle seized without insurance.”

Motorbike seized in Helston. Photo: Devon and Cornwall Traffic Police Team.

Earnest L. Veasey