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Build KITT in 110 steps | Source: Fanhome

You could call it a KITT case.

Fan reception celebrates the 40th anniversary of Knight Rider with the US introduction of its Knight Rider subscription series building KITT.

In partnership with Universal Brand Development, Fanhome’s latest offering is an epic 110-step build that follows the company’s successful US launch last summer. Subscribers will receive four stages each month for a 1:8 scale build that will take around two years to complete and at a total cost of around $1,500 – a huge bargain over building a live version. 1:1 scale of the Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT) would cost!

KITT was based on a Pontiac Trans Am and was paired with Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff) during the original Knight Rider series broadcast from 1982 to 1986.

The detailed model includes opening and closing doors and windows, illuminated headlights and brake lights, and the iconic red scanner bar on the front. Additionally, the rear license plate rotates to display three different plates, including 010-FR, KNI 667 and KNIGHT.

When complete, the model’s electronic functions can be controlled by a radio-controlled watch that will activate the headlights and scanner, engine sounds, KITT’s voice, and clips from the show’s soundtrack.

Fanhome says each delivery will include a magazine containing 16 pages of information and articles on Knight Rider. while select shipments will include collectibles and bonus gifts with purchase, including a USB charger, art prints and 1:43 scale replicas of KITT and his evil twin, KARR

Fanhome is part of De Agostini Publishing and works with top brands and licensors for collectibles and building projects inspired by Star Wars, Marvel, Street Fighter, The Fast and the Furious, and more.

If you’re ready to take a dark flight into the dangerous world of a man who doesn’t exist, you can get all the details – and some early bird deals – by subscribing to the Fanhome KITT version. here.

Earnest L. Veasey