Brighton and Hove News » E-scooter driver faces jail

File image of police arresting an electric scooter driver in Church Road, Hove in November 2021.

An e-scooter driver is facing jail time after he was twice caught riding it on the road in Brighton.

Mateusz Cieslak, 34, bought the scooter after receiving a three-year driving ban for driving a Saab 93 Aero while high on cannabis in Brighton in April 2020.

Today Brighton Magistrates Court heard they believe the same rules of the road as bicycles apply to electric scooters.

On November 9, he crashed his Jano T85 scooter at Cuckmere Way in Hollingbury, seriously injuring his knee. Police were called and he was later charged with riding the scooter while disqualified and uninsured.

The scooter was seized, but after being treated in hospital he recovered it from the police impound lot.

Just 15 days later he was arrested by police for riding the scooter on Southdown Avenue near Preston Park.

Today he pleaded guilty to two counts of driving while disqualified, two of driving without insurance and one of possession of a small amount of cannabis.

Continuing, Lauren Kenny said: “On November 9, officers arrived at the scene of a road traffic accident at Cuckmere Way.

“Three men were at the scene and there was a large gash in the rear view mirror of a parked white Renault.

“An e-scooter crashed behind the vehicle. It was established that the defendant drove the scooter.

“On November 26, he was arrested on an electric scooter on Southdown Avenue.”

Defending Andy Foreman said: “My client is a heating engineer so now he’s not driving he’s going out and getting an e-scooter to work on the understanding that you don’t have to wear a helmet , it’s okay , it’s like riding a bike.

“On November 9, the roads are a little slippery and a vehicle turns in front of him and he hits.

“He smashes his knees and he hears the police say you are going to be reported.

“He is going to the hospital and is off work for a few weeks.

“He goes to the pound and gets his scooter, still under the impression that it’s like a bicycle.

“He has no idea about the driving disqualification offence.

“So he is back on his scooter and is arrested again. I suspect the police are looking at e-scooter riders to see if they have insurance because they know you can’t get insurance for those types of vehicles.

“A notice of prosecution for the offenses of November 9 is sent to him on March 14, 2022.

“He completely ignores the fact that he cannot drive an electric scooter on the road as a disqualified driver.”

Ms Kenny told the bench that the Crown considered the offense serious enough for an immediate custodial sentence with a starting point of 12 weeks.

The bench adjourned sentencing until June 1 for a pre-sentence report to be prepared.

Earnest L. Veasey