Author Michael J. Rider’s new book “Grandpa’s Buried Treasure” is an adventurous and charming children’s chapter book about the adventures of Mikey

Ohio resident Michael J. Rider, who grew up on a farm and taught mechanical engineering classes for forty-two years at Ohio Northern University and created ten textbooks during that time. Since retiring he has moved on to children’s stories and this is the first episode of the Mikey’s Adventure series, has finished his new book ‘Grandpa’s Buried Treasure’: a gripping and powerful tale about a young boy and his friends on the search of his grandfather’s buried treasure.

Michael writes: “Hello, everyone. I am Mikey. I just finished fifth grade. School is out for the summer. I live just outside of a small town in northwest Ohio. The story you are about to read describes one of my adventures in the summer of 1963. When I was younger, my grandfather told me about a treasure that he and his friend, Ike, found and reburied in an old barn when they were boys. This story is about the adventure my friends and I had when we went in search of grandfather’s buried treasure.

Published by Page Publishing, Michael J. Rider’s memorable story follows a young boy named Mikey as he and his friends search for buried treasure. Mikey’s grandfather always told him stories about how old Mikey was. One story he told was about how he and his friend, Ike, discovered buried treasure and reburied it in Ike’s family barn. In the summer of 1963, Mikey obtained permission for his grandfather to dig up this treasure. Mikey, Cho and Debbie attempt after attempt to uncover the treasure. Readers will find out if they ever manage to unearth this treasure and what could possibly be found there.

Readers wishing to experience this captivating tome can purchase “Grandpa’s Buried Treasure” in bookstores around the world or online at Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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