Almost missed day 753: an electric scooter driver in the wrong direction cuts a cyclist

A South West London cyclist who was riding slowly in the back of an ambulance in South West London was a bit shocked to find an electric scooter driver coming the wrong way on a one-way street that crossed his path and then headed for a no trespassing sign.

The incident happened on Friday April 15 at the junction of Cowleaze Road and the A307 in Kingston-upon-Thames, south-west London.

The footage was shot by reader jaysa, who told us: “I’m hanging out in a bus lane hoping to sync up with the lights that need to turn green.

“A private ambulance is parked on the other side of the bus lane, so I slip behind it very slowly as I can’t see past… and encounter a scooter on the wrong side of the road, driving too fast for his visibility, turning through the No Entry sign and on the wrong side of the emerging car.

“I stopped within a foot of him…luckily I was crawling in the back of the van as I couldn’t see far. But I certainly did not expect that!

“I’m all for scooters, but not when ridden by Herberts,” Jaysa added.

As the law currently stands, it is illegal to use private electric scooters on public roads, and police regularly confiscate them, with drivers potentially facing charges including driving a motor vehicle without assurance.

With the approval of the Department for Transport, some London boroughs – but not Kingston-upon-Thames – are participating in a scheme under which electric scooters can be hired, provided the user meets several criteria, including being aged 18 years or older and have a full or provisional driver’s license.

Three rental companies – Dott, Lime and Tier – are involved in the lawsuit which began in July 2021, but the one in the video does not appear to belong to any of these companies.

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Earnest L. Veasey