Alan Wilzig: Ep. 31 Rider Magazine Insider Podcast

Alan Wilzig (right) with his friend Kaming Ko

Our guest on episode 31 of the Rider Magazine Insider podcast is Alan Wilzig. Alan is a car and motorcycle enthusiast who has been a semi-professional racing driver and racing team owner. He owns Wilzig Race Manor, the largest private racetrack in the United States, located in upstate New York. Alan has amassed an impressive collection of race cars, sports cars and motorcycles. His collection of over 100 motorcycles includes many Bimotas, Ducatis, KTMs, sportbikes and racing bikes. He was also an early investor in Brammo electric motorcycles. Retired from a career in banking, Alan is active in numerous charitable and philanthropic initiatives. He sits on the boards of Wilzig Hospital and the Wilzig Family Foundation, and provides financial support to Rainforest Alliance, JCP Downtown, High and mighty, Cars for a causeand many other organizations.

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