A surviving jumper in the Gambas Ave crash is a nurse who wanted to help another victim despite his injuries

Gambas Ave survivor in intensive care after undergoing 3 major surgeries

Over the past few days, Singapore has been united in mourning a foodpanda rider who died in an accident along Gambas Avenue.

The deceased, Mr. Jason Tan, 24, was a newlywed and leaves behind a pregnant wife. A local charity launched a fundraiser to support his widow, and she has since exceeded her target of S$200,000.

Foodpanda jumper, 24, dies after trying to avoid van, police arrest driver

In contrast, the other biker who collided with Tan, Muhammad Alif Rykell Shah, didn’t get much attention.

According to Muhammad Alif’s cousin, he is currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after undergoing three major surgeries.

Photo courtesy of Nur Sarah Norazam

Muhammad Alif’s mother is now worried about her medical bills. Her cousin hopes more people can learn about their situation and step in to help.

Gambas Ave mother survivor writes heartbreaking message

On April 13, Muhammad Alif’s mother, Sarah Widjaya, went Facebook to write a heartbreaking article about his son.

His cousin Nur Sarah Norazam contacted MS News to notify us of the publication. She also shared photos of him in the hospital, along with his injuries.

prawns with surviving mother

Source: Facebook

Mdm Sarah said that although she felt sad for Mr Tan’s family, she noticed that the news only described her son as an unnamed 20-year-old man.

“Has anyone even [ask] what happened to him? He was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” she wrote.

She went on to say that Muhammad Alif had celebrated his birthday the day before the accident and that he was a nurse.

His selflessness was evident even in the moments after the accident. Camera footage shows him allegedly insisting on helping Mr Tan despite so much pain before paramedics arrived 25 minutes later.

Doctors give him a ’50-50′ chance of survival

Doctors at the hospital gave Muhammad Alif a “50-50” chance of survival due to his numerous serious injuries.

These include internal bleeding, a crushed pelvis, broken ribs, a broken wrist, a hole in his elbow, multiple lacerations and a torn lip.


Photo courtesy of Nur Sarah Norazam

Muhammad Alif has had three major surgeries so far – with plenty more to do – and is currently in intensive care.

This has a significant mental and financial impact on his family.

Muhammad Alif himself is “emotionally disturbed and traumatized” as well, and “fears he will be a burden on his family”.

“I am his mom. [It] It breaks my heart to see my child in this situation. I’d rather it be me in this hospital bed suffering,” Mdm Sarah wrote, adding:

[Every time] he [shouts] in pain and [cries], [I] try to hide my tears.

Although she is understandably “very angry and sad”, Mdm Sarah is also grateful to have another chance to be with her son.

Muhammad Alif’s cousin hopes to raise awareness of their plight

In his email to MS NewsNur Sarah said her aunt, Muhammad Alif’s mother, is stressed about all the medical bills and her son’s condition.

She also revealed that Muhammad Alif needed another blood transfusion.

Avenue Gambas Survivor

Photo courtesy of Nur Sarah Norazam

By reaching out, she hopes to raise awareness of her family’s plight and perhaps inspire others to help them, just as they helped Mr. Tan.

We wish Muhammad Alif a speedy recovery

As tragic as Mr. Tan’s death was, let’s not forget that the horrific accident changed another life.

We hope Muhammad Alif’s family can get the help they need to fund their medical procedures. We also hope his injuries won’t cause any permanent damage and he can get back on his feet in no time.

MS News wish Muhammad Alif a speedy and smooth recovery.

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Image courtesy of Nur Sarah Norazam.

Earnest L. Veasey