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Changes to the rules of the road, intended to protect vulnerable road users, were the focus of an investigation on ITV’s Tonight show last night (I know, six months late, but this TV case does not happen overnight…).

Compared to the rather incendiary cycling safety segment on Countryfile a few weeks ago, the program itself – from what I gathered switching between this and the highlights of the Women’s Tour on ITV4 – was quite balanced.

He looked at the actual changes to the Highway Code themselves, the extent to which motorists were made aware of the revisions introduced in January (with vox pops at a classic car show in Eastbourne highlighting how little people actually read the code), and the experiences of cyclists on the roads.

> Changes to the Highway Code: the Ministry of Transport finally announces an advertising campaign to increase awareness

A poll by the show found that 25% of people always think a motorist has the right of way when turning left, and half of those polled think cyclists should keep to the left of the lane at the turn. approaching junctions – results that confirm Cycling UK’s belief (despite hundreds, if not thousands of road.cc articles on the subject…) that the new changes have not been given enough publicity.

So not so bad then, as far as these things go.

However, a quick glance on Twitter will tell you that all is not well in the automotive world, where the program seemed to be touching a nerve, judging by some of the tweets:

(Sounds like a nice guy…)

Me neither, me neither…

Earnest L. Veasey