A Rider Communication Professor Set to Give TEDx Talk on Empowerment

Dr. Sheena Howard adds to her multi-faceted career with this upcoming presentation

Dr. Sheena Howard, a professor in the Department of Communication, Journalism and Media at Rider University, will present an upcoming TEDx talk on empowerment.

Howard was one of 12 people selected to present on the topic of education in entertainment at an event called TEDxChestnutStreetStudio. In “Three Truths About Empowerment That Will Set You Free,” Howard identifies empowerment as the most important tool for achieving the highest version of self.

Sheena Howard is a black comics scholar whose multi-faceted career has earned her accolades in multiple fields.

“I have discovered that the most important place where empowerment can come from is inside. Even when it feels like everyone is doubting you, confidence can propel you forward,” says Howard, a black comics scholar whose multi-faceted career has earned him accolades in several areas.

She is the first black woman to win an Eisner Prize, considered the Oscar of comics, for her first book, Black Comics: The Politics of Race and Representation (2013). Among his many other projects, including making a documentary film and writing fiction, Howard is also the author of 2017’s Black Comics Encyclopedia and the co-author of Superbone of the first comics to feature a superhero with Down syndrome.

Recently, she served as editor of a collection of essays titled Why Wakanda Matterswhich examines the huge cultural impact and financial success of the 2018 film Black Panther. Howard has appeared on NPR, ABC, BBC, PBS and many other networks and twice received a proclamation from the City of Philadelphia.

TEDxChestnutStreetStudio speakers come from a variety of backgrounds, including entrepreneurship, sports, and optometry. TEDx programs are local, self-organized events that bring people together in the spirit of TED, the nonprofit dedicated to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks. Over 3,000 TEDx events are now held each year.

Howard’s TEDx presentation will be live on the TEDxChestnutStreetStudio website towards the end of September.

Earnest L. Veasey