A cyclist with a passenger leaves his lane without looking along Chemin Balestier, collides with a vehicle and scolds the driver

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Road users are advised to exercise caution, for example by ensuring the coast is clear before entering a lane, to avoid accidents.

A video of a cyclist with a passenger changing lanes recklessly, resulting in a collision, has gone viral, sparking another call from the public for tougher enforcement on cyclists.

The video was shared on the SG Road Vigilante Facebook page on September 24; the caption indicated that the incident occurred along Balestier Road.

The car with the camera caught the cyclist crossing two lanes before entering the far right lane.

Photo: screenshot FB/SG Road Vigilante

Without stopping to check for a passing vehicle, the cyclist entered the lane as a Chevrolet Orlando passed.

Photo: screenshot FB/SG Road Vigilante

The cyclist and his companion hit the vehicle and fell on the road.

Photo: screenshot FB/SG Road Vigilante

Photo: screenshot FB/SG Road Vigilante

The cyclist was seen gesturing towards the driver as if it was the latter’s fault.

Meanwhile, the driver gets out of the car to check on the runners.

“It’s not the car’s fault; it’s the uncle’s fault. I saw, my camera took it. It really isn’t the car’s fault,” a voice from the car said, commenting on what just happened.

“Still the unresolved inconsistency issue of people not qualified to use the road with qualified people with a qualified driver’s license,” noted Facebook user Henry Lim.

“The first cyclists did not have a licence. No insurance and driving on a busy road, and worse, not observing traffic lights. If you notice, these bike food deliveries are the worst of them all. I don’t know what the traffic police will do! said Facebook user Tuck Meng Chan.

Others pointed out that such accidents involving cyclists would bode ill for motorists. “Lucky had this video to prove he is (the driver) innocent, if not again of the driver’s fault,” one netizen said. “Thank you to this video owner for standing up for justice.”

“To the car that ran over the cyclists, don’t worry. If the law is truly fair and just, and with this video as proof, cyclists will get no compensation. Just a painful lesson for them and hopefully others,” Facebook user Hendratno Eunos added. /TISG

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