11-year-old Kaitangata BMX rider leaves to compete in Australia

Kaitangata Black Gold BMX Club capped off another successful season at their home track with last Saturday’s Category 10 Open House meeting.

Kai Black Gold chairman Marty Hurring said the club’s goal was to widen the track two meters in order to qualify for national meetings, and in the meantime he was very happy with his first season at bar.

“We were always busy with 30-40 people on Wednesday Club nights where everyone is welcome to come and learn to ride, and when we took 13 riders to the South Island Championships this year we had seven finalists.

“Kai is doing very well and has huge support for such a small club like Kai point coal and Hurring’s, and we have proportionally high level competitors,” he said.

Eleven-year-old Aida Begg was selected for ‘Mighty 11’ in Brisbane on April 4 and said she had been riding BMX since the age of three.

“I really like competing and making new friends… On the track I sometimes think about where there might be an accident – you never know – but mostly I think when to come in and cut someone off. one and how to win,” she said.

The Black Gold boys also had a strong performance with Deklan Arthur, Ryan Hurring, Cooper Harvey, Blake Glover and Reid McDonald in the 10-12 finals and Dahlia Anderson 5th in the mixed B final 15-29.

BMX New Zealand national refereeing director Tony Nelson of Alexandra had competed in adult BMX competitions but said he had not tried until his eight-year-old son became involved.

“Now I have two sons and a daughter competing, and when you move around the BMX circuit you see it’s a real family affair,” he said.

“Cycling New Zealand is getting into road and track, BMX and mountain bikes, and these have more specialist categories. It’s great to see so much sporting diversity as the big traditional codes may not fit to everyone. People grow through sport, and clubs like this form a major support in the community. We all want to see active kids enjoy healthy competition and BMX is a strong, fast-growing option.

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Earnest L. Veasey