1-Rider party-list questions contractual status of MMDA traffic officials

By Billy Begas

A party-list lawmaker has filed a measure seeking a congressional investigation into the contract status of thousands of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) employees.

In House Resolution 444, representative of the 1-Rider party list. Bonifacio Bosita stressed “the importance of giving hard-working employees, whose life and health are at risk in the performance of their duties, self-respect and dignity and boosting their morale to continue to perform public service”.

Bosita said there are 2,596 work order (JO) personnel in the MMDA, and of these 1,308 are traffic auxiliaries or law enforcement officers.

Despite the risks involved, Bosita said the 1,308 staff working as traffic wardens only received a daily salary of P545 and minimal benefits such as life insurance, heat stroke break , no night service after 10 p.m., a free reflective vest, financial assistance in the event of an accident or death and a gratuity of 10,000 pesos.

Bosita said they were not entitled to paternity leave, maternity leave, single parent leave, 13th month pay and other mandatory benefits.

The lawmaker said the current practice of hiring JOs as MMDA traffic officers is against and violates the Audit Commission and the Department of Budget and Management’s Joint Circular No. . 2 dated October 20, 2020, since traffic wardens perform one of the regular functions of the MMDA, which is to enforce traffic laws and regulations in Metro Manila.

According to the joint circular, Bosita said the hiring of JO is limited to emergency or intermittent work such as clearing debris from roads, canals and waterways.

“With the number of workers hired by MMDA to perform regular duties, there is a need to review and determine the appropriate human resource complement of MMDA and consider the creation of permanent positions and the appointment of skilled workers to job orders,” the resolution read. .

Earnest L. Veasey